Recipe of homemade baked potatoes

With autumn, it starts to cool the weather and it's a good time to prepare delicious homemade baked potatoes to accompany your main dish, meat, chicken or even fish.

Here is the recipe step by step.

How are baking potatoes baked?

Slices and broth. Let's keep in mind those two words that are key to this recipe, because the potatoes are cut into slices and cooked in broth 😉

I recommend that you have a good chicken stock on hand or, if you're vegetarian, vegetable broth.

baked potatoes

 baked potatoes
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Baked potatoes, homemade recipe

Prepare bakers potatoes step by step. Warm, juicy, totally homemade, perfect to accompany fish and meat.We will try to obtain some pieces between 60 and 50 millimeters thick. Obviously, this is an approximate calculation, in plain sight, without the need to measure them with a rule 🙂. We will reserve our chopped potatoes.
  • Next, we will peel the onions and cut them into wheels , then cut those wheels into thin ribbons (in julienne).
  • The following will heat a stream of vegetable oil in a pan.
  • There we are going to sauté freshly cut onions, paying attention that the fire is not too high. The idea is to cook them until they start to become transparent, moving them frequently to make sure they do not burn or stick.
  • We will take advantage of the cooking of the pieces of onion, to season them with a touch of pepper and another of salt, to taste.
  • Once our onions are slightly transparent, we will arrange them in a baking dish. We will make a first layer at the bottom with 50% of the pieces.
  • Then we will make a second layer in the container, this time using a part of the potatoes cut into slices. We are going to calculate that it is half of this ingredient.
  • Then, we will create another layer with what remains of the onion.
  • Again, we will make a last layer of potato slices, to finish with the pieces of this vegetable. We can also season to taste once we have finished accommodating them in the refractory.
  • Once we have our layers of potatoes and onions, sprinkle the bowl with the pieces of garlic and parsley.
  • The next step will be to pour the chicken broth. The idea is that it reaches more or less the same level of height of the vegetables. The above broth will be to rehydrate the dish during baking in the oven.
  • It is optional to cover the container with an aluminum foil or not. This depends on whether we prefer the more hydrated or drier potatoes. You can also do part of the cooking with the covered container, and another part by removing the paper.Everything depends a little on the operation of each microwave. In any case, I recommend pausing to mix the ingredients, and to cook more or less evenly.

    To be honest, I prefer the preparation to the traditional style, but it is true that this can get us out of trouble for the days when you have to cook at the races.

    What kind of potatoes do you use for baking potatoes?

    It is best to choose a type of baking potato, such as or the Kennebec.

    If this type of tuber is not available, try some potato that is floury, they are ideal because they do not fall apart

    Other ingredients for the recipe of baked potatoes

    There are some ingredients that can accompany this recipe, and look great:

    • Peppers: cut in julienne, incorporated in the cooking of the onion. The result is richer when it comes to green peppers.
    • White wine: a splash can be added to the chicken broth. It is important that it be dry white wine.
    • Olive oil instead of any other vegetable oil, if you are very fond of its characteristic flavor.
    • Garlic cut into slices instead of garlic in small pieces. This works best if you are very fond of garlic.
    • Butter instead of oil, if you want to prepare it in French style.

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