How to make caramelized onion easy

Thinking about how to make caramelized onions is just the kind of idea that can turn a normal dish, say, into a sublime and delicious meal that can make you look like a great chef to your friends.

I can think of lots of preparations that are wonderful when accompanied with good candied onions: stuffed zucchini, a plate of sausages in wine (the more chubby and with more sauce, the better), a pumpkin cream, a chicken roast, a good cut of meat, a toast with caramelized onions and goat cheese ...

I am a lover of everything bittersweet, so I am not the most objective person to refine a list of dishes with the which serve caramelized onions (and not caramelized onions, as I have seen they write some [email protected] there). I love the flavor of caramelized sugar on salty dishes. It reminds me of that complex mixture of flavors that one finds in recipes like mole poblano.

Caramelized onion recipe

Now let's concentrate on the next time you ask about the Onion confit, have this link at hand to solve your life and do not end up buying caramelized onions from the supermarket.

The onions for this recipe can be white or yellow. The most used sugar is muscabado or brown, although I often prepare them with white sugar, and they are very good.

You can also make these caramelized onions without sugar, below I talk about this.

In the case of oil, the most commonly used is olive oil when it comes to caramelizing onions.This is the step-by-step recipe for doing it.