Easy homemade pancakes, step by step

Ah, the crepes, those round delicacies that look almost like a cloth, and that serve to roll almost any ingredient.

These small French wonders are original of the Brittany region. In fact, in this region there are both white crepes, which we will describe in this recipe, and other types of darker crepes, made with "buckwheat" wheat, also known as buckwheat. The latter are known in France as "galettes".

How to make crepes?

Crepes or " crepes " can be prepared with a crepe maker, if you are lucky to have one of these devices, and if not, with a pan or griddle.

The preparation of the pancake dough is quite easy, and even fast, but it includes a resting stage, more important than many think.

recipe homemade crepes

 homemade crepes recipe
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Recipe for homemade crepes

Explanation, step by step, to learn how to prepare a recipe for homemade crepes so rich and authentic as those that they get in France.If you want the latter to be more creamy to prepare this mixture, you can take it out a while before the refrigerator and leave it at room temperature. Some people prefer to melt it in a pot over a low heat (and carefully so that it does not burn) or with the help of the microwave (half a minute should be enough). You can also chop it into small pieces so that it mixes more easily (that's what I do, most of the time).
  • Once the first ingredients have formed a homogeneous mixture, add the eggs and flour. Re-mix until these two last ones are fully integrated. You have to make sure that no lumps have formed with the flour, and if that is the case, you have to dissolve them and mix them with the rest.
  • In principle, the pancake dough should be left to rest. This is done so that it compacts when losing the air, which improves the texture that you will obtain as a result. So take this time into account as part of the preparation: one hour will suffice.
  • Do you remember that in the list of ingredients we talked about additional butter for the pan? After the repose of the pancake dough, the time has come to use it. Heat your skillet over medium heat and add the equivalent of a teaspoon of butter. The idea is that this is based and that you can spread it to grease the entire surface, thinking about avoiding that the dough sticks during its cooking.
  • Once the pan is well greased, take a bit of the pancake batter with a ladle. Pour it in the center of the pan and make sure it is distributed well on its surface.
  • When the pancake begins to be cooked, you have to turn it over. Normally, it should take a little more than 2 minutes to get to that point.
  • A Once the crepe is turned over, wait until it is fully cooked and remove it from the pan to give space to another one.
  • Finally, what remains is to repeat the process until the pancake batter is finished, considering that the pan must be re-greased whenever necessary.
  • How to make homemade pancakes: tips

    • When you heat the pan, do not overdo the temperature, at the risk of burning the butter that you will use so that the crepes do not stick. If that butter turns brown, instead of yellowish, it will become a bit bitter and affect the flavor of your recipe.
    • There are several ways to make sure that the melted butter covers the surface of the pan well . The most common is to wait until it becomes liquid and then move the pan to one side and the other, so that the fat is distributed evenly. If you do not feel comfortable with this idea, you can choose a kitchen brush to distribute the butter, help with a wooden pallet or even use a sheet of absorbent paper slightly bent (be careful not to burn yourself and not absorb more butter that which you manage to spread;)).
    • When letting the pancake batter rest, it is best to cover the container with food plastic film or a cloth, and keep it in the refrigerator.
    • There are those who discard the first crepe that is prepared, after greasing the pan. This is due to the amount of fat it absorbs.Of course, there are other factors that influence the preparation of crepes, such as non-stick pan materials and the particular potency of each kitchen.

    The recipe for sweet crepes

    For those who are wondering how is the dough prepared for sweet crepes? Well, I have two answers. The first is yes, I wrote "crepes" and not "crepes" because not in all the Spanish-speaking countries it is called "crepes". For example, in Mexico it is called "crepas". So yes, it is well written and it is totally correct.

    Of course, we will always have the possibility of adding more sugar or vanilla essence to the crepes recipe. But the point is that, in principle, when we get sweet crepes is because we accompany them with fillings or sweet sauces.

    For example, we can make the most classic version of sweet pancakes, with the ingredient that can not Missing for breakfast: jam. For some delicious pancakes, I recommend accompanying them with our jam prescriptions:

    • Fig jam
    • Blackberry jam
    • Plum jam
    • Orange marmalade
    • Strawberry jam

    We can also accompany sweet pancakes with Nutella, chocolate cream, dulce de leche, condensed milk, or cinnamon and sugar. You can also prepare the traditional Suzette Crepes.

    If still, after all this explanation, you want to make a dough for sweet pancakes, we can do the following: increase the amount of sugar to 25 grams and add it to the preparation a couple of tablespoons of vanilla. Ready, we will have some very nice sweet crepes.

    How are salty crepes made?

    The same question as before, but the other way round: the recipe for salty crepes. Again, the answer does not change: the basic crepe recipe works for both sweet and savory foods. What changes is the filling.

    Of course, if you want to achieve a more salty flavor than you could get with the basic recipe, you can try using oil instead of butter, to grease the pan to the time to make the crepes.

    Among the most common ingredients for preparing salty crepes are Philadelphia cheese, or stuffing with ham and cheese. You can also add a touch of béchamel sauce or mushroom sauce to the latter. You can also add pieces of chicken or spinach.

    If after reading so much about how to make crepes, you also want to prepare pancakes, I recommend our recipes for oatmeal pancakes, banana pancakes or traditional American pancakes.