Easy and healthy spinach quiche

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It is a delicious meal and suitable for any time of day, especially for dinner.

How do you make a spinach quiche?

If you are one of those who prepare your homemade dough, here is the link to make dough Broken, which is much easier than you imagine. Obviously, we do it because you're going to need the dough to prepare this spinach quiche.

spinach quiche

 spinach quiche
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Spinach quiche, easy recipe

Cold or hot, 100% healthy and totally vegetarian . Learn how to make this recipe for spinach quiche, very easy.I prefer to wash them well under a stream of cold water, and also soak them a few minutes in water mixed with a stream of white vinegar, or cooking.
  • While soaking, we can use it to peel garlic cloves and cut them into small pieces, or crush them.
  • Then, we are going to pour a jet of oil in a pan, heat it, and start frying the garlic.
  • After a few minutes, we will retrieve the garlic and reserve it.
  • With the pan still on the fire, we will use the oil to incorporate the spinach, and cook it so that it loses the water. You have to make sure you do this step well, to prevent them from releasing water later, and that this affects the consistency of the quiche.
  • If you have just made our broken dough recipe, you will surely have the oven still hot. If that is not the case, we will preheat it to 180 degrees.
  • In a container, let's beat the eggs well, evaporated milk and cheese, with a touch of salt and pepper. We can do this with a manual beater, or with an electric beater at low speed.
  • Then we will add and mix the pieces of ham and garlic.
  • Yes the spinach is already cooked, let's drain it or even strain it. We can leave them drying for a moment to avoid the remains of water to the maximum.
  • Accommodates the broken dough in a baking pan. I prefer to grease it slightly before placing the dough, or even arrange a sheet of waxed paper between the dough and the container. This in case you want to unmold the quiche later, or have no problems when cutting and removing whole pieces of quiche.
  • With the broken dough well extended and adapted to the edges of the mold, cover with spinach, distributed more or less evenly. You can salt them a little, only if you are a lover of well-salted dishes.
  • Then pour the mixture of eggs and other ingredients, to cover the spinach.
  • Take the preheated baked quiche.
  • Bake for 30 minutes or until the quiche is golden brown and curdled.
  • Once this point is reached, take your spinach quiche out of the oven , and ready, to eat.
  • Versions of the recipe for spinach quiche

    • It is fashionable to use puff pastry instead of the broken dough. To do this, you simply have to replace the broken dough of this recipe with a sheet of puff pastry.
    • If you prefer, you can put ham or bacon. This will give the quiche a stronger flavor. I recommend using about five slices, because they are reduced a little when you fry them, and chop them into small pieces.
    • You can prepare a quiche of spinach with goat cheese.In this case, you can also include goat cheese 😉

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